Syndication One announced today that the Yoland a Adams Morning Show is now airing on Morentenson Broadcasting’s KHVN in Dallas and San Diego Gospel Radio Inc.’s KURS in San Diego.Dion Mortenson ,GM of KHVN in Dallas stated, “According to our research, the Yoland a Adams Morning Show has achieved great successes in many other major markets.After speaking personally with Yoland a and her staff at Syndication One, it was clearly evident that her passion, spirit, and dedication to her ministry would be a perfect fitfor the audience of KHVN.   We are extremely excited about the positive impact that the Yoland a Adams Morning Show will have upon the Dallas-Ft. Worth market through Heaven 97″.”Preacherman” Larry Thompson, owner of KURS in San Diego commented, ” Yoland a Adams is an authentic radio personality which translates perfectly as we are San Diego’s authentic Gospel Radio Station “. Calling upon his trademark phrase, he added “and that’s for real sure ” when referring to the power and impact of the Yoland a Adams Morning Show winning big in San Diego.The Yoland a Adams Morning show is now airing in over 40 markets including 6 out of the top 10  and 14 out of the top 20 African American Markets featuring New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Houston, Raleigh, Memphis, and Norfolk just to name a few.The five-time Grammy Award winner is joined by thirty-year broadcast veteran Brother Larry Jones, comedian Marcus Wiley, and Minister Anthony Valary.

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