The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses LaLa Anthony Educating Her Son About How to Treat a Black Woman: “Sometimes it Takes a Queen to Teach You” (video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed LaLa Anthony teaching her son how to treat a Black woman. Anthony is speaking out, discussing insecurities, and ensuring that her son knows it is essential to uplift Black women, said Gary With Da Tea.

    During her discussion, Anthony spoke about the creation of her virgin and beauty company. She also spoke out about raising her 15-year-old son Kiyan. She talked about continuing to show gratitude even during a difficult moment, said Gary.

    “I remind myself of all the positive things about myself or in my life, and that’s where the affirmations or prayer or whatever someone does to make themselves feel good about themselves or worthy about themselves,” said Anthony.

    Gary said that when it comes to mothering, Anthony has made it a point to show her teenage son how to treat a woman and to love, value, and respect the presence of Black women. The television star said Black women come in various sizes and complexions, and she strives to teach her son the beauty in all shades of Black women, said Gary.

    Anthony said her son must understand the importance of complimenting women. Gary said that making sure her son comments on her hair, clothes, and appearance when she comes home, is a top priority. “I want him to understand how important that is for women,” said Anthony.

    “Sometimes it takes a queen to teach you and train you and condition you on how to treat a queen,” said Rickey Smiley.  

    Smiley said that men raise their sons to treat a woman well, but sometimes a queen can teach a young man decency, kindness, and love. The morning show host said that chivalry is not dead.


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