The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Talks About Momma Dee Telling Fans Not to Touch Her: “Cat Ain’t Never Got This Tongue” (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show talked about Momma Dee telling fans not to touch her. Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee is making headlines after calling out fans for their lack of common courtesy said Twan 360.

    Momma Dee works for the Funeral Home in Atlanta on the weekend, and she is back doing the traveling and hosting gigs on the weekend. She said if you see her, you can speak but do not touch her, informed Twan 360.

    “You are not privileged to put your hands on celebrities. If you want to speak, just speak. You know say, hey, excuse me, especially if they’re not looking. Hey, Momma Dee how you doing, and guess what I’ll do? Speak. Cat ain’t never got this tongue I speak. Don’t touch me because I wouldn’t touch you. And if someone ever does that and I respond crazy… don’t put your hands on me,” said Momma D.

    Rickey Smiley said it is best to extend the hand and then pick up on energy but touching someone is a sign of being too comfortable. Just because a person is on TV does not mean that their fans know them personally, so it is best not to touch them, Smiley added.


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