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NEILSEN: More than 90% of African Americans Listen to Radio Each Week…

Radio is a constant in our daily lives and the average American radio listener tunes in to radio over two hours per day. Interestingly, audio reaches a plateau in the morning hours, peaking around noon and then staying fairly constant through the day before tapering off as people start their evening.

Weekly Online Radio Audience Reaches an Estimated 86 Million Says Arbitron Study

One in three Americans aged 12 and older now listen to all forms of online radio1 on a weekly basis according to the new national survey from Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) and Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2013: Navigating Digital Platforms.The study, released today, is the 21st in a series of studies dating back to 1998.

NEW TREND? Commercial Radio StationEliminates PD and DJs, Radio Listeners Get Say on Playlists...

Radio Facts: Interesting article in the WSJ today. This should be no surprise, stations are getting desperate, at least some are trying to stay alive.... K "No suits. No DJs. No kidding," reads the Web site for CBS Corps(e) radio station KITS in San Francisco.

Pandora Online Radio Service Surpasses 40 Million Users

Radio Facts: Pand ora Media Inc. said its personalized online radio service doubled in size this year, topping 40 million registered users. Of those, some 15 million people visited the Web site each month, said Tim Westergren, Pand ora's chief executive. Almost all stream the radio content. The numbers illustrate Pand ora's challenge to regular broadcast radio's online programming.

OH NO: Former Clear Channel Exec Gets Funding for huge ONLINE Radio Station Venture,...

Radio Facts: Filed Under: Radio Backstabists! Goom Radio secures $16 million.

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