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Easy E Gets New Tombstone for 55th Birthday, Public Invited

Radio Facts: Late NWA rapper and entrepreneur Easy E is getting a new tombstone for what would have been his 55th birthday on Sept 7. [...]

Meek Mill Speaks To The Neighborhood About His Experience in Prison, Ending Beef with...

Radio Facts: Meek Mill was in LA recently and stopped by the Neighborhood and discussed his new album and the inspiration behind it. The rapper also talks about 6ix9ine being in jail. He talks about how it’s a messed-up situation that the young rapper is in. [...]

Interview with Lolita Files the legendary NY Times Best-Selling Author Tupac/Biggie/Compton Expert

Digital and Radio Facts had the opportunity to interview the very charismatic and insightful Lolita Files.  Her book Once Upon A Time in Compton spans over twenty years where "gang unit detectives Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd patrolled the streets of Compton. [...]
UNSUNG REVIEW: Full Force, Premieres Jan 30, 2012

UNSUNG REVIEW: Full Force, Premieres Jan 30, 2012

Radio Facts:       UNSUNG REVIEW: Full Force   Premiers Jan 30 Surprise, Surprise.. Out of all the Unsung's I've reviewed, I probably learned more about this group from this show than any other group from any other show. [...]


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