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Young Veteran Suicides Top Accidental Death and Suicides of Active Duty Troops

If you don't have any family or friends that have actually been to war, trust me when I tell you it changes a...

Drake covers the latest issue of Billboard, Talks about Kendrick Lamar

Drake covers the latest issue of Billboard out on newsstands Monday, September 2nd. In the issue, Drake discusses his new album “ Nothing Was The Same,” out September 24th, his alleged rivalry with Kanye West, thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s incendiary verse on “Control” and more.Details on the new album:“There’s a lot less sort of ambient ballad moments on this album where I’m searching or longing for something,” Drake says of Nothing Was the Same. “That sentiment is gone.

LOOK: It’s Star Jones & Denise Rich

Star Jones Attends "Celebrity Apprentice" Premiere For American Heart Association at OPIA Lounge at Hotel 57 on March 6, 2011 in New York City.