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American Dream Still Alive, But… How Much Better off Are Grown Children than their Parents Were

American Dream Still Alive, But... A majority of U.S. residents believe the American middle class is just a vestige of the past, according to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll, commissioned by WGBH Boston for its new late-night, multi-platform PBS debate series Point Taken.

Community College of Philadelphia Receives $3 Million Grant to Empower Black Male Students

Congressman Chaka Fattah announced that the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) will receive a $3 million grant to improve educational outcomes for African American male students.The five-year grant is awarded under the Department of Education's Predominantly Black Institutions Program (PBI).

10 Things Black People CAN NOT Keep Ignoring!

In the black community, we are reactive. We do not often respond to a situation until it's too late. In addition we don't often use that opportunity to enforce a change, we let it die off and move on until the next problem occurs.

Look at this Unacceptable Cox Billboard (Must See)

This is what happens when a corporation hires marketing companies that toss all the resumes of black cand idates.... (which is about 99% of them)(lol). What do they need black people to promote black product for...they beg... and THIS my friends is the reason why.MOST major marketing companies don't have a clue about black people because... well ...they HAVE NO BLACK PEOPLE WORKING THERE (lol) and they have no interest in black culture and they think they can just lump black people in with the general population...

Beasley Has Job Opening

Attention Sales Professionals!Are you a marketing pro who enjoys making the BIG sale… and are you ready for a new career challenge?  Do you naturally build trust and relationships with people you meet?  Are you comfortable dealing with high-level decision makers?  Can you be direct and convincing when you know it’s right for the client?

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