The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Megan Thee Stallion Possibly Having Her College Degree Revoked Over Cheating Scandal (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning show discussed Megan Thee Stallion possibly having her college degree revoked over a cheating scandal. It is reported that Megan Thee Stallion is coming under fire from her former best friend. The friend alleges that the rapper may have committed academic fraud to obtain her college degree.

    It is reported that the hip-hop star crossed the stage at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, in a cap and gown, and she received her diploma with the rest of the student body, said Gary With Da Tea.

    Allegedly Megan was making music, taking classes, doing reports, and touring. The best friend claims that Megan may have committed academic fraud to obtain her degree and is making her allegations public. Megan started the drama on Twitter and said she used to pay her best friend’s rent. The friend responded and said that she used to do the hitmaker’s homework. The claim violates the Texas Southern University’s code of conduct. If the allegations are true, the university could revoke Megan’s degree, said Gary. The school has yet to respond.

    Gary said he did not know the school could do that to Megan. Da Brat said the sad part was the friend’s allegations and the fact that she could not be happy about Megan’s success. Da Brat said people must stop causing trouble and let the “Savage” rapper live her life.

    Gary said it is important for Megan to have knowledge in her field because she has a degree in Health Science. He added that she will not do a good job working on him because she didn’t do her work in school. Da Brat said that does not matter because Megan is working on her music, money, and traveling worldwide.

    When friends fall out sometimes, they say hurtful things and make comments detrimental to the other person, said Maria More. The morning show host went on to detail her college experience and the struggles of being a student and trying to get everything done in time.

    “One of the things my mentors taught me was it’s better to cheat than repeat,” said Rickey Smiley.

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