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Bus Attendant Chokes Autistic Boy

Bus Attendant Chokes Autistic Boy

Digital and Radio Facts: A Broward County School District bus attendant is accused of choking an autistic boy on a bus ride from Westglades Middle School to the child's Deerfield Beach home, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office report. [...]

What Child Abuse REALLY is in the Black Community

Radio Facts: In a video that I ran on the blog today on Tyler Perry's appearance on 60 Min, I neglected to relate the title of the story to the story below. I am disturbed by the issue of child abuse in the black community ... [...]

Has Media Been too Hard on Chris Brown? He States he doesn't Remember Beating...

Radio Facts: With all the child abuse cases, rapes, molestations and neglect that go on in all communities... [...]


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