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Mayweather – Alvarez Fight Breaks Pay-Per View Record

Obviously the hype was there surrounding the Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez fight but the actual level of competition wasn't. Floyd Mayweather made Alvarez look like a complete amateur in the ring last Saturday night. It really doesn't matter.

Prepaid Cards Generally Deemed Rip Off: Tom Joyner still offers his new one to 8 Million Black Listeners

Amidst the recent heartfelt story of a DJ who fell from grace, got involved in drugs and alcohol and was booted out of...

WOW: GREAT TIPS! 7 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off

Economists call them "market inefficiencies" "” those thrilling or frustrating moments (depending on your point of view) when the price of something veers from its underlying, inherent value. In that world "” the one in which we all live, eat, shop, drive and pay bills "” they're called rip-offs.

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