Marzz Talks to Radio Facts about how Timbaland Found Her, Her Music, and More


Marzz is one of 2022’s Artists To Watch according to Billboard and is only just beginning on her musical journey.

Up and coming singer, Marzz is one of 2022’s ‘Artists to Watch, and has already caught the attention of one super-producer, by the name of, Timbaland. We got a chance to sit down and talk with her about how Timbaland came in contact with her, artists she’s looked up to, and much more.

Marzz Interview

Quincy: Where are you at right now?

Marzz: I’m at home!

Quincy: You’re at home, back in Kentucky?

Marzz: Yes sir!

Quincy: Ok. Good deal, good deal. So you’re enjoying some home time right now?

Marzz: Definitely. Getting as much as I can before I get on the road and start getting busy again.

Quincy: Yes indeed. I feel it. Get as much home time as you can. So, asking personally for myself, I’ve never been to Louisville, Kentucky. What’s some good food spots?

Marzz: Umm, oh my God.. I’m the wrong person to ask, because I just be eating like snacks, here and there. But umm, I think I will say this place because I like eating chicken, a place called, “Kings.” If you want to get some spicy chicken, some cornbread, and some macaroni and cheese. You know what I’m saying, a Thanksgiving little dinner – go to Kings off 18th. It’s a good place. Woo took me to a place, it’s called, Con Huevos. That’s a really good place, and they have really good breakfast and stuff, so if you ever come down there, you should check them out.

Quincy: Ok. I definitely will. If I do any traveling, it’s only for food.

Marzz: Yeah, literally. On God. If the food good, I’m in there! You feel me.

Quincy: Right.

Quincy: Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. First of all, thank you for personally sitting down with me and giving us an interview at Radio Facts. This means a lot to us.

Marzz: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Quincy: Alright so, go ahead and tell us something about yourself we couldn’t find in a bio.

Marzz: Umm, let’s see here. Umm, I’m very intuitive, I guess. Did I say that right? I feel like I’m able to pick up and read on different things, and I’m really getting into a spiritual journey and stuff and getting into different energies and different atmospheres, and stuff. I really want to tap into that. That’s like unknown that I’m into.

Quincy: Nice, nice. So when you say spiritualities and everything, what do you mean by that?

Marzz: Umm, just like connecting with my inner-self and connecting with a higher level, like frequencies. I be meditating and stuff, and really just trying to connect with my third eye and stuff, and just be even into astrology. It kind of goes into manifesting and really just working your angel numbers and stuff, and really just honing in on that. It’s something I’ve been finding in myself, using different angel numbers to help me get me through my life right now.

Quincy: Nice, nice. I like it. So, numerology and everything like that?

Marzz: That’s the word I was looking for!

Quincy: Oh no, I got exactly what you were saying with the angel numbers! I’m starting to looking more into that too. So, that’s nice. That’s dope.

Quincy: So tell us who is Marzz, the singer and songwriter, and tell us who is Laria.

Marzz: Umm, I feel like Marzz is just all the time super-hype and like, loving and stuff – and not saying Laria is not, I feel like Laria is more to herself, not really out there. It’s like the introverted me is the ‘Laria’ side and ‘Marzz’ is like the extrovert. I’m more comfortable talking to people and stuff, and rather than me being in my own space it’s kind of like, “Uhh, I’d rather just have my space right now, so I’ll just talk to you when I can,” you know?

Quincy: Right, right, right. So how do you know how to switch between the two?

Marzz: I don’t think I really know how to switch. It just be natural to me – whatever my mood be. Honestly, I’m so into like signs and stuff, so I’m a Sagittarius Sun, but I’m a Virgo Rising. A lot of personality-wise,  Sagittarius, we’re like super hype and we’re like the annoying friend, but then the Virgo is super conservative and observant. So I kind of have a balance that comes natural, whatever my mood is, that’s what you get. Can’t really define between the two, I’m with whatever.

  • Quincy: I know Beyonce is a famous Virgo, but who is a famous Sagittarius?

    Marzz: Billie Eilish! Duh! Like, oh my God!

    Quincy: Oh yeah. So I was trying to get the comparison of the two. So I can definitely see Billie versus Beyonce when you switch between the two.

    Marzz: Yes. Literally, it’s a little of both.

    Quincy: That’s dope. Those are two great personalities for one person to have.

    Marzz: Yeah, for sure.

    Quincy: Alright, so you’re sitting down, and you get contacted by Timbaland, or either you get a call that Timbaland’s trying to get in contact with you for the first time. Walk us through that moment.

    Marzz: Umm, oh my God. It blows my mind. I was sitting inside my room at my dad’s house, and I usually do like YouTube covers. I go home after track practice, and go home and look up YouTube beats, and I just be writing down my feelings and stuff, or however I feel and one day I was just recording – I think it was to a Jhene Aiko beat, I think it was “The Worst” beat or something like that, but I remember specifically it was a Jhene Aiko beat, I did the cadence to it and I just posted it on a Instagram. A few hours later, my phone starts buzzing, and I’m like, “Yo, what’s going on?” You know seeing that it’s catching buzz. Then I look at my DMs and I’m like, “Yo…hold up.” I saw his name like it popped up and I’m like, “This cannot be real. This is THE Timbaland.” So I click on it. He text me, he’s like, “Yo, you go crazy! Your pen game strong! We got to work! We got to get it in.” And I’m like, “Hold up, this cannot be the REAL Timbaland.” So I got to his page and start scrolling – and, “Oh snap! This is really him!” And I’m like paying homage, “Yo, this is crazy. I appreciate you for showing love,” and he’s like, “Yo, let’s work!” “I’m down!” He flew me out three days later, and I’m like, “I’m really in Miami! It’s the first place I’ve ever been where it’s hot. It’s beautiful there, and I’m just mind-blown. And then I walk in the studio, and then he walks in, and I’m like trying to be super cool because I’m like, “Oh snap, I’m about to meet Timbaland!” he walks in, and I’m “Nice to meet you,” and I try to give him a handshake, And he’s like, “Bruh, what? Man come here. You go crazy!” as he brings me in for a big hug. We start playing a couple of beats and stuff. We just vibed and he’s like, “You messing with this?” “Hell yeah!” The energy in the room is just crazy. It was dope!

    Quincy: That’s dope. That’s a crazy story. So what year was that when that happened?

    Marzz: That was 2020.

    Quincy: Wow, nice.

    Marzz: That was literally, no lie, he hit me two weeks before we went on lockdown, like when COVID first hit. And I was just like, “Bruh, this is insane timing.” It was crazy.

    Quincy: How long had you been doing your covers on YouTube before he found you? How many did you have, or how many years had you been doing it?

    Marzz: Umm, I really probably just started getting on Instagram, so maybe like two years, maybe. I started actually like coasting at the end of my sophomore year. Now I have to give a huge shoutout, I’m just now remembering this, my friend, Jojo, in high school, who I’m still good friends with now. She used to post all the time on her story, and people would just be reacting to it and stuff. That’s really what led me to like posting more on Instagram. I have to give a shoutout to her because I’m really just now thinking about that.

    Quincy: Yeah, that’s real dope. The power of social media. I just noticed from something that you said. So, second week of COVID, or two weeks before –

    Marzz: Yeah. Two weeks before, he hit me.

    Quincy: Sophomore year, and two years of doing the covers. So, is it something about the number two?

    Marzz: I don’t know, bro! Listen, because my birthday is 12/12, and I was born at 12:11am, that’s insane to me. It blows my mind. I don’t know. It has to.

    Quincy: Those three two’s, I was like, I don’t know.

    Marzz: Yeah, I’m in to this numerology stuff.

    Quincy: That’s nice. I can’t wait until you start speaking more on that and people on to it, or either it’s people already into it and they’ll see Marzz is into that and think, “That’s dope.”

    Marzz: On God! I can talk for hours about this.

    Quincy: Right. So you mentioned earlier about writing, and I understand that you carry around a collection of colorful books that you’ve written in over the years, with your feelings and everything, all differently color-coded. I understand it’s like a term for that, and I heard about it for the first time from Alex Isley, when she sat down with Terrell Grice, and it’s called, ‘synesthesia.’

    Marzz: Yeah.

    Quincy: So explain that to me.

    Marzz: Oh, it’s really just, I don’t know how to really explain it. When I hear different sounds, or melodies, or frequencies, or just sounds period, I can just taste them or see the sound visually, but see it in a certain color the way that my brain just sees it. It’s so weird. I’m still understanding it myself, and I can just feel certain frequencies and vibrations and really just connect with my inner self and put myself in that frequency. Like I really be trying hard to dig deep in that, but it’s so hard, even kind of like explaining it because it’s just one of those things where you’re in the moment and it just hits you. When I first kind of discovered it I started freaking out, I thought I was going crazy, but when I be closing my eyes, I just take a deep breath and I’m listening to my heartbeat and it will just connect with my energy and what surrounds me, along with what I’m hearing, it just blows my mind. It’s like a musical in my head. It’s just a whole bunch of different things. I can smell different things. The most that I smell, like when I see the color orange, I smell oranges. When I see the color yellow, I smell lemons. When I see the color brown, I smell pumpkin. It be little stuff like that. It’s just a certain, small scent of something. You know what I’m saying?

    Quincy: Yeah, yeah. I definitely understand that. That’s really dope. I have a little understanding, like I’ve been in Michael’s before, and when they change up with the seasons, you can smell the seasons decorations.

    Marzz: Yeah, it be weird, but it’s cool though.

    Quincy: I mean it’s not weird, I think it’s going to help you to be a better artist and everything and help you to tap into who it is you’re meant to be.

    Marzz: Yeah, for sure. It helps me tap in with myself.

    Quincy: So some of your favorite artists or the ones you’ve looked up to, I’m going to name some and I want you to give me one favorite song by them and then give me the color of that favorite song. Alright?

    Marzz: Ok.

    Quincy: So, first off, Beyonce.

    Marzz: Hmm, “Halo.”

    Quincy: Halo. Ok. What color is that?

    Marzz: I’m going to say a burgundy, brown with peach.

    Quincy: Hmm, ok. Nice.

    Marzz: Like a mocha, you know?

    Quincy: Burgundy is my favorite color. I would’ve expected like teal or something.

    Marzz: Nah, nah. Definitely a burgundy, that’s a vibe right there.

    Quincy: Ok. Mariah Carey.

    Marzz: Hmm, oh my God.

    Quincy: I know it’s so many of them.

    Marzz: Yeah. I ain’t going to lie, I have to say the one and only “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” because it’s giving me yellow. Like a maroon-red. Like a wine type. Something like that.

    Quincy: Oh wow, nice.

    Quincy: Ok. Next, Brandy.

    Marzz: Oh my God! “Put That On Everything!” “Put That On Everything,” and the color is definitely teal. Like a baby blue, soft white-grayish.

    Quincy: Ok. Badu.

    Marzz: What, come on, “Tyrone.”

    Quincy: Ok. What color is that?

    Marzz: Mmm, I’m sensing like a dual, like a black and gray type, like what is it, a metal type of suede. You know what I mean? Like a sheer marble, or a shiny type gray.

    Quincy: Nice.

    Marzz: That’s what I’m feeling with that. Yeah, like a glitter balm, like a lipstick.

    Quincy: Ok, got you. Alright, let’s get into gospel. Kirk Franklin.

    Marzz: Mmm, probably “Shout.”

    Quincy: Ok.

    Marzz: And I’m going to say olive green, emerald green.

    Quincy: Hmm. Ok, ok.

    Marzz: Maybe with outline, like a really bomb piece of toasted toast, the color that it has on top of that – that crisp look.

    Quincy: Ok.

    Marzz: Maybe with that on the outside.

    Quincy: Hmm, I like that.

    Quincy: Ok. The Clark Sisters.

    Marzz: Hmm.. dang, I don’t know the song, but I could do like the melody – but I don’t even want to name that, because you won’t know what I mean, but it’s my favorite song by them.

    Quincy: Got you. So what color is that?

    Marzz: Umm, it’s going to be like a marble blue. Like a deep ocean blue.

    Quincy: Ok.

    Marzz: Like you can see through the water, but it’s marble-blue. Like the blue food coloring drop when it hits the water.

    Quincy: Yeah, like the uhh… Future and Drake cover.

    Marzz: Yeah, exactly! Exactly.

    Quincy: So did you have any input as what your covers look like? Like for “Countless Times,” I like the colors that were used for that. The pink and teal, and all of that.

    Marzz: Ahh, yes! Yes, we actually came up with the idea that I just wanted to have the aesthetic not so much as sadness but kind of like more so a droopiness. A vulnerable, letting go, like an unpeeling feeling, and really just an intimate, “This is me.” I’m finding myself and this is who I’m trying to blossom to be. The green in there amplifies growth. Purple is like royalty, and blue is like the foundation. You got to build those steps.

    Quincy: Wow. I like that. Yeah, I know purple is like royalty, and green as you can see with these plants behind me, they represent growth.

    Marzz: Exactly, growth and strength.

    Quincy: “Countless Times” is one of the first songs I heard, and I was just like, “Yo.. y’all have to listen to this.”

    Marzz: That’s love! Thank you, man.

    Quincy: Of course I listened to the EP, and I said the same thing that they’re saying, “Marzz is an Artist to Watch in 2022.”

    Marzz: Oh my God!

    Quincy: So how was that when you find that out?

    Marzz: I ain’t going to lie, all of this now is just literally hitting me. It’s like, OH. MY. GOD. I’m mind-blown. It’s like so surreal to me. I don’t know, like I’m just super grateful that I’m able to be doing something that I love everyday, and making sure that I’m up and breathing everyday. It’s a lot of stuff going on in the world, so this is a super and grateful moment – an honorable moment.  To my family, me, myself, the people that look up to me, the people that help me, my team – like it’s just a super surreal moment. I’m doing something that I love everyday. So, just to be looked at like that, it’s like, wow. I appreciate that and it’s showing me that I can keep going and I can do anything I put my mind to.

    Quincy: I love that too, because you never know the genuine reaction that you’re going to get.

    Marzz: Literally! All of the love I’ve been getting is nothing but genuine. It’s blowing my mind, and it’s so many people connecting with me. Like two years ago, I would have never thought this many people would relate to me and how I feel. Like this lady DM’d me and said that “Countless Times” helped get her through her divorce. That blew my mind, because when my mom and dad had went through a divorce I thought that I was the reason, but to see that that flipped around and I helped her get through that, it showed me that sh*t is real. People really go through this sh*t.

    Quincy: So you wrote “Countless Times,” correct?

    Marzz: Yes.

    Quincy: What was the inspiration behind that?

    Marzz: Umm, I ain’t going to lie, it was mainly like a freestyle. I was a freestyle I would usually post, and I was like I’ll just finish writing to it. I was in the studio, and it was just a lot that I was going through at the time. I think I was in high school at the time when I wrote that song, and I was just going through a lot mentally and didn’t really know what my next steps were, like if I really wanted to take music seriously or whether I wanted to go to college. This is how I feel and I don’t know what made me think of the words, “F*ck you,” but it was like I’m really feeling those words, and I was like let me see how people feel about that. The reaction just went crazy.

    Quincy: We’ve never heard that term sang more beautifully. No one has ever been cussed out in the most beautiful way.

    Marzz: That’s so lit when people say that. That’s hard.

    Quincy: So, going back to that, I think it’s really dope that you’re just putting out stuff that YOU like. Like you said, that you’re doing something that you love. That relates back to this interview that I saw years ago with Lauryn Hill. She said with The Miseducation album, “I just put out the music that I like or the music that I wanted to hear.” The fact that everybody else likes it, and it happens to be one of the greatest albums, ever-

    Marzz: Yes, literally! It really is!

    Quincy: She was like, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

    Marzz: Literally, she was just sitting and her room and was like I’m about to write, and this is how I feel. YOLO, that’s what I say. You Only Live Once.

    Quincy: Exactly. So let me ask you, what story are you hoping to tell with your artwork?

    Marzz: I feel like I’m still building that, but what I’ve been working on personally is I’ve just been having faith in myself, and having faith in manifesting in walking into certain things. Holding myself accountable and making sure that I get up and do something productive, and making sure that I do something that I love everyday. Affirming myself, and doing affirmations. Making sure I love on myself, and I put myself first, because I struggle with that, and I’ve tried to please everyone else, and I can’t do that anymore. It’s draining me and it’s too toxic. I have to let go and really just heal myself.

    Quincy: Absolutely. I love that. So, who are some artists that you’d like to work or collab with in the future?

    Marzz: I’m definitely aiming for this, and I’m manifesting that I’m going to work with Jhene Aiko.

    Quincy: Ok.

    Marzz: Like that woman, I just need a melody, a verse, it don’t matter, she could send like a code, I don’t know. I’d say another one is probably Brandy. I definitely would love to have her. Even if she’s just in the studio with me, that’d be crazy. I’m going to say Jack Harlow just because he’s doing his thing right now and I feel that he’s on a different wave. I know people were trying to compare him to Eminem but nah, Jack is on a whole different level.

    Quincy: Oh yeah. So if we look through your Recently Played playlist on your phone, what might we find?

    Marzz: Oh my God, that is going to be so embarrassing. You want me to name some songs?

    Quincy: Yeah.

    Marzz: Umm, “Ambience,” by Nia Sultana. That is on repeat. That’s been nonstop on my playlist. Umm, who else? “Permission,” by Ro James, that’s been on repeat. My guy, Trippie Redd. His whole recent album is on repeat. Umm, Brandy, “Never Say Never.” Umm, “Angel In Disguise.” “I Put That On Everything,” has been on repeat. I can go on and on. Mary J. Blige, I’ve been having her whole latest album on repeat. It’s a lot.

    Quincy: I haven’t had a chance to check out Mary’s latest album, but she’s definitely put out some great singles, like, “Rent Money,” and “Good Morning Gorgeous.”

    Marzz: She’s been going crazy. You should definitely check it out. It’s hard.

    Quincy: Mary J. has one of the best discographies of any artist.

    Marzz: Literally!

    Quincy: Back to back to back. People talk about Kanye and his 3-peat from The College Dropout, to Late Registration, to Graduation, but Mary’s done that like six times in a row!

    Marzz: Yeah!

    Quincy: And she’s still going.

    Quincy: You’re currently, or about to go back on tour with H.E.R. for the Back Of My Mind Tour. So how does that feel?

    Marzz: Oh my God, I’m not even going to lie to you. I’m so nervous, but not a bad nervous. It’s my very first tour. I just want to make sure I go out and just have fun, and not get so much in my head. I’m going out to have a good time and just send out love, and just rock out! So, I’m super excited, and I can’t wait to see all the peoples’ faces. I really love to perform. I just want to put on a show, and just give people a show. Something that where they’ll just be mind-blown.

    Quincy: SO how does the crowd usually react to everything you’ve put out so far?

    Marzz: Literally, they just be like mesmerized. I’ve seen a couple of people cry, and I’ve had to not look at them, so that I don’t stop and cry. It’s insane. I’m genuinely like, “F*ck! This is so cool.” It’s dope as hell. I be talking back like, “Y’all feel me?” and they be like, “Yeah!” and “Period!”

    Quincy: So were you competing in talent shows and everything in high school?

    Marzz: No, not really. I was more of the geek a little bit. I was in chess club and stuff. I stayed after school and did robotics and stuff. Middle school is when I think I kind of started getting into sports, but high school is when I started playing basketball and singing the national anthem at pep rallies. That’s when I was like, ok, maybe I can do something with this singing. Afterwhile, I fell in love with it.  I grew up in the church listening to music and being around music, but I never really got the time to listen to the music that I wanted to, and really discover who I wanted to be, and wanted to become. Just learning me.

    Quincy: That’s dope. You’re definitely at a time when you start discovering yourself outside of highschool. I was supposed to have my highschool reunion this weekend, but it ended up getting cancelled. I didn’t know how I was feeling about going and seeing some of those people from highschool, because the Q that you knew then isn’t the Q that you know now.

    Marzz: Literally! It’s woah, woah, woah!

    Quincy: So do you think you’re a pretty good chess player?

    Marzz: Umm, I ain’t going to lie. I’m a bit rusty, because I haven’t played in like over ten years, so no.

    Quincy: Ok. Got you.

    Quincy: So can you tell us about a possible album on the way, or what’s in the works?

    Marzz: Yeah, for sure. I definitely want to release some new music. We got a couple of new singles that I’m about to release. I don’t want to say too much on that. I hope y’all enjoy it, go crazy and have fun with it. I’m definitely about to have another EP come out. I’m just still in process of getting everything out. So, I cannot wait.

    Quincy: And what about the stuff with Timbaland? Will that be held on to for the album, or will some of that make it to an EP?

    Marzz: Possibly! I don’t know. Hmm, maybe.

    Quincy: Ok, got you.

    Marzz: I think we got to see. I got a couple of surprises in store. I got some stuff in store for y’all. So y’all stay tuned. I appreciate all the support, for sure.

    Quincy: Last but not least, what are your goals for the future?

    Marzz: I really honestly want to be able  continue to perform, and put on a show. I want to be on my Michael Jackson sh*t. Just having people come out and having a good time with me. I really want to be able to put more content out, show my goofy side and show my personality. Maybe do like meet & greet’s and stuff. Continue to keep putting out music and try to hone in with my audience and giving them more of me.

    Quincy: So can we catch you at an award show or anything?

    Marzz: Yes sir! We got to see.

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