Radio Facts: Superstar Sly Stone Broke, Destitute and Homeless 2Sly Stone the former radio DJ who was one of the few black DJs to be able to cross over into show biz, became a world renown singing superstar and is now broke but lucky to be alive. The 70 year old recluse has been dealing with a major drug problem for so many decades it has affected his health, mind and posture. He is currently living in a van in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, described as “a dangerous area where Boyz in the Hood was taped” by the New York Post, I find that racist and offensive and I’m sure it was written by reporters who have never visited the area for any length of time. Crenshaw is no more dangerous than any other urban area in the country as a matter of fact some find it a great place to live. This is why I am so glad that blogs are so prevalent today, we can correct this kind of crappy journalism that sets a negative standard for the rest of the country. Back to Stone, the first thing many would say is “It’s too bad that nobody will help him.” I’m willing to bet MANY people have tried to help him. The question is not why won’t anybody help him, it’s “Is he willing to help HIMSELF.” The situation is most unfortunate nonetheless. Story here

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