Should VA School Board Members Be Fired for Racist Emails About Michelle Obama?


michelle-obamaHere we go again with someone sending racist emails about the First Lady. A Virginia school board is calling for the resignation of Herb Degroft, after he emailed some obviously racist messages to his colleagues about Michelle Obama.The Isle of Wight board member forwarded two emails from his county email account. One had a picture with bare-breasted, African female warriors with the caption “Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.” Another e-mail claimed Mrs. Obama was paid $50 to model in National Geographic. Other board members confirmed that they received similar e-mails from Degroft since January of 2012.Herb Degroft was willing to admit that he made a mistake and tried to say the e-mails were meant to be political, not racist. I don’t see how naked African warriors is a political statement but I guess he does. When it comes to resigning from his position, he said he is not going anywhere but that decision is left up to the voting board members.He wasn’t the only one who forwarded the e-mails. Isle of Wight Supervisor Byron Bailey did as well. The local NAACP and other community members are asking for both men to resign.Do these two men deserve to be fired?


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