Drunk Driver Who Caused Horrific Crash That Killed 6 in LA was “Upset Over Fight with Boyfriend” (video)


Yesterday afternoon at the intersection of South La Brea and Slauson, drivers were shocked when a Mercedes careened out of control, some say going at least 100 miles per hour through an interaction, killing 6 people.

The six people killed included a pregnant woman, her infant, and a baby that landed in a gas station from the intersection. A woman picked up the baby, and rescuers tried to resuscitate the infant, but it was too late. The crash also injured eight other people.

The driver survived and is identified as Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, a nurse licensed to work in California and Texas.

The California Highway Patrol forwarded the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and has recommended vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence charges be filed against Linton.

Authorities have yet to confirm whether or not alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. A friend suspect told KTLA she believes Linton may have been impaired following a fight with her boyfriend.

She also stated, “She was drinking something and was not aware it was a red light because she shot straight through,” the woman said. Even if she were drinking, not many people would be doing 100 miles per hour on a busy afternoon.

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  1. Heart Broken and seriously wrong she flew through the intersection these lives matter!
    If she is not charged with a higher thing I am floored by our legal system!
    She is a Nurse she took an oath not to do any harm to another her speeding is beyond negligence I am a Highway patrol family and this is seriously wrong…beyond words When I got a Dui I had a lawyer tell me to do it again and hurt someone I will go after you for murder! I agree a vehicle is a weapon we all know its against the law to drink and drive.

  2. she willingly got into the vehicle and exceeded the speed limit beyond words these lives were taken at her negligence How many times are we going to turn the cheek and allow this kinda issue to happen?
    My heart breaks for all the lives taken and affected by seeing the accident they will be traumatized for days maybe months after, My friend who saw me and a friend being hit by an 18 yr old girl who had been drinking the night before my friend was traumatized for years after and he was not touched


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