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Digital and Radio Facts Grammy Week: RaVaughn is Better Than Good


Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: RadioFacts Grammy Week: RaVaughn is Better Than GoodYou ever had that moment in your life when you finally see an artist perform live, and say to yourself, “Daaaaaamn, she is really good!” Well, that moment happened to me yesterday. I had the opportunity to attend a private showcase at The Sayer's Club in Hollywood for Compound University/Columbia artist, RaVaughn and well she is even better than advertised.With a hit single, “Better Be Good”  climbing the charts, RaVaughn accompanied by her mentor, Ne-Yo entered the cozy Sayer's Club ready to impress an industry crowd. In typical industry fashion, as we waited on the R&B songstress to hit the stage, the drinks were flowing, the business cards were being passed around, and the anticipation was high. The Compound U and Columbia reps seemed very poised with no hint of being nervous because they obviously know the talent they signed. Besides that, RaVaughn has been tearing down stages all over the country promoting her “Love Always” EP, so why should this day be any different.Well, it wasn't any different. Ne-Yo introduced the lovely young lady and from that point on, she tore the stage down. She has a great voice, personality, and courage the exudes from her soul, which allows her to instantly connect with her audience.  As she has us groovin' with her performance of “Better Be Good” she also slowed it down for us showing an array of vocal ability.What you love about RaVaughn is that she is a true R&B artist. She definitely understands the how to put a rhythm to her blues while simultaneously empowering women with bold lyricism and clever concept. I went into Sayer's thinking, “She Better Be Good!” RaVaughn is far better than good; she is BRILLIANT!  With that being said, we would like to wish her continued success and significance.”Love Always,”RF

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