Radio Facts Celebrates Successful Independent Labels and Companies Starting April 14 – May 15


4520115_medGreat news. Radio Facts will be celebrating the contributions of successful independent companies in the industry starting next week . “We are excited about showcasing successful entrepreneurs and bringing them to the forefront of our core target, the major decision makers in Radio, Music and Publishing.” stated kevRoss, owner of (The All New) Radio Facts . “It’s time for us to give back and to inform our readership with as much information as possible and I am a firm believer that hording information is useless and there is no reward in the end, after all, someone looked out for those of us still working in the industry otherwise we would not be here . Our goal is to spotlight the successes of ALL deserving, people, companies and businesses and to introduce our readers to the inner workings of our industry from multiple aspects” Ross continued.Questions? Contact kevRoss [email protected]


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