Man Attacks Female DJ While she is on the air Doing WHAT???


I’m not really sure what this world is coming to.. This is most unfortunate…Police arrested 30-year-old Donald Destin in Orange County for attacking a Christian DJ on the air while she was praying… LIVE ON THE AIR.. He said he didn’t know the victim personally, but he said he was “attracted” to her. The suspect wants the audience to know however he didn’t try to rape the radio personality as people listened live. The DJ said the suspect was simulating masturbation as he made verbal threats during her prayers. He then asked her for money and she agreed as long as he “slowed down.” The encounter happened at La Voix Evangelique D’Orlando, 98.9 SCA radio station on Pine Hills Road and Alhambra Drive. The station broadcasts to Haiti from a church. Deputies said Destin tried to rape the host in the studio. A local listener heard the encounter and called police.

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