List of Stations Playing the Michael Baisden Show


Here is a list of current Radio Station s playing the Michael Baisden show. We will keep you posted as more Radio Station s are added.

  • ATLANTA, GA                                    WALR
  • WASHINGTON, DC                          WHUR
  • TA, FL                                          WTMP
  • OKLAHOMA CITY, OK                     KRMP
  • MEMPHIS, TN                                    WLRM
  • MOBILE-PENSACOLA, FL               WRNE
  • TULSA, OK                                           KGTO
  • FLINT, MI                                             WOWE
  • SAVANNAH, GA                               WLVH
  • AUGUSTA-AIKEN, GA                    WAKB
  • COLUMBUS, GA                               WKZJ
  • MONROE-EL DORADO, TX            KJMG
  • LAWTON, OK                                     KKRX
  • LAKE CHARLES, LA                            KZWA

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