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List of Stations Playing the Michael Baisden Show


Digital and Radio Facts: Here is a list of current stations playing the Michael Baisden show. We will keep you posted as more stations are added.

  • ATLANTA, GA                                    WALR
  • WASHINGTON, DC                          WHUR
  • TAMPA, FL                                          WTMP
  • OKLAHOMA CITY, OK                     KRMP
  • MEMPHIS, TN                                    WLRM
  • MOBILE-PENSACOLA, FL               WRNE
  • TULSA, OK                                           KGTO
  • FLINT, MI                                             WOWE
  • SAVANNAH, GA                               WLVH
  • AUGUSTA-AIKEN, GA                    WAKB
  • COLUMBUS, GA                               WKZJ
  • MONROE-EL DORADO, TX            KJMG
  • LAWTON, OK                                     KKRX
  • LAKE CHARLES, LA                            KZWA

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  1. I am a radioman I worked in radio on air for over 30 years
    I don’t see the need for syndication in radio it deprives the listener of the feel of live radio
    the person on air can’t relate to the local area in real time
    and as for the comedians on air doing syndication that is the most crazy idea
    radio needs to bring back the real people in radio
    while on air I was my own producer ,programmer ,music director ,board operator
    and the on air talent.
    and why do morning shows have to have 3 and for people to do a simple 4 hr show
    this is why they have to charge so much for a spot on the morning show


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