Kendrick Lamar’s Amazing Performance More than Meets the Eye


Too often we see artist who once graced the top of the charts speak out on industry and political injustices in the twilight of their careers. At that point, it ALWAYS seems like sour grapes. On the other hand, when an artist uses his or her platform to talk about relevant social issues in the MIDST of their success, the audience, which is largest and most inspired at that point, is forced to listen and try to comprehend. Very interesting to see the audience’s reaction to Kendrick’s performance on the Grammy’s last night. He is by far one of my favorite rap artists of all time. To say what needs to be said when you have a stage to say it on is imperative, brave and noteworthy. KUDOS to him on what was by far the BEST performance on the Grammys.Kendrick-Lamar-Skyrockets-to-Top-of-Artist-100-FDRMX 

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