How To Sell 1 Million Albums and Owe $500,000

Martin F. FrascognaMartin F. Frascogna specializes in the intersection between music and international law. His niche is working with internationally-based artists, labels and publishers, as well as a substantial roster of “indie” musicians.BackgroundMartin holds degrees from Millsaps College (Bachelor of Science), Mississippi college (Masters of International Communication), DePaul University (Masters in International Marketing) and Mississippi College School of Law (Juris Doctorate).He has managed a GRAMMY ®-winning recording studio, as well as worked for a multitude of GRAMMY ®-nominated labels. He has been a consultant for several international indie labels, gained experience working in artist management and booking agencies and founded a label in Sweden. His clientele spans more than six continents.We always get a lot of emails about this. This is a pretty good breakdown of how it works. Enjoy

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