Frank Ski Gets New Gig


frank skiOne Great Station Always Leads to Great Opportunities….I can’t tell you how many emails and calls I get complaining about the two major radio corporations. This is what I LOVE about CBS Radio and V103. CBS Radio is the one corporation we hear the LEAST complaints about. When a corporation and Radio Station allow black announcers to be themselves on the air and be creative and do their jobs instead of doing homogenized radio, it opens many other doors. This is a prime exle at V103/Atlanta. The Radio DJs do a great job they are respectfully paid and the Radio Station is a consistent winner. By the time Frank Ski left the morning show late last year, he had developed legions of fans in the market and beyond. Ski recently tried out for the WHUR gig in DC, the Radio Station opted for The revised Doug Banks syndicated show which now includes former Michael Baisden comedian George Willborn (BRILLIANT move by Doug Banks to add Willborn BTW).   Ski, in my opinion is better off to move to TV at this juncture of his career so not getting the DC gig is a blessing. 11Alive in Atlanta seems to be a great resource for radio talent to expand their careers to TV and this is almost unheard of in most other radio markets, mostly because many Black radio Radio DJs have leashes on them by the corporation or by the PD or or both. While I get MANY complaints about Black PDs “holding Radio DJs back,” something I am totally against, I have to give credit to Reggie Rouse, I know the inside scoop on V103 and I can tell you he’s one of the best programmers in the nation from all formats. KUDOS to Frank Ski and his new gig. Frank posts: “God Is Good! New Host For @11Alive Morning Show’s “I’m Just Saying” Just Taped My First Segments.”

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