Ebro in the Morning Talks to Idris Elba and Will Packer About the Evolution of Their Careers, Being Black in the Movie Industry, “Beast,” and More (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning talked to Idris Elba and Will Packer about the evolution of their careers, being Black in the movie industry, and more. Ebro sat down with Will Packer and Idris Elba to discuss the new film “Beast.” Ebro said he did not know Elba and Packer had previously worked together on six films.

    The film “Beast” is an action film and the latest project from the two movie stars. Even though Elba said his character is not an action-type, he’s just an ordinary guy. Elba said the movie is unique because he had never seen a Black family action movie.

    Ebro discussed the unique dynamics of Elba and Packer working in a film together. Packer said it is fantastic to work with Elba, but he makes no distinction because Elba comes from a different country than him. Packer said it does not matter where Elba is from. He is a great actor and can “bring it.”

    “We have to find ways to amplify the stories, period, stories. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. We all have to amplify the story. Just like when East coast hip-hop had the rain and southern hip-hop was coming on, and it’s like people saying oh, you can’t do hip hop, you’re from the South,” said Elba.

    Packer says that the film tries to remain authentic to dialogue in language that Blacks would use. He said he tries to bring that nuance into all his movies. Packer said his films are relatable for any audience. Take, for example, “Girl Talk.” Although the film is about four black women, it is relatable for any moviegoer.

    “It happens to be a black father. Happens to have two black daughters. That dynamic is real and very specific to that culture; however, it’s relatable. It’s a universal thing,” said Elba.

    Elba said it is essential for a Black man to represent his culture and show vulnerability and honesty. He said there’s a lot of pressure behind being the only Black person around and representing the culture. To deal with the pressure, Elba said it takes balance. The actor says that although his job elevates him in certain aspects, he remains down to earth, which is how he finds balance. He said people described him as humble.

    The actor says therapy is always good; however, it does not mean sitting in front of someone all the time. Therapy can be playing basketball. It could be going to a barber and opening up to them.

    Elba says he’s at a point in his career where he wants to direct. He says people with less experience than him are directing films. Packer and Elba agree that working with the right people is essential at this stage in their careers.

    “When you work with new actors that are still hungry in the game, they come in, right? They showing up on time, ready. They’re trying to impress, right? It’s a certain level of actor out there that has been at it as long as Idris Elba, but they’re not at Idris Elba’s level. They mad,” said Packer.

    Ebro said that Elba is now working with booking.com. Elba said the job started as a Super Bowl commercial and went on from there. Ebro said that traveling is necessary because many people, especially the Black community, do not travel much.

    Ebro wanted to know if the movie “Beast” was something he could take his eight-year-old daughter to see. Packer said the film is an edge-of-a-seat thriller, and it is rated R. Ebro noted that is not something he and his young child would do, but it’s something great for a parent with an older kid.


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