DJ Skee Recruits Top Tier Team to Redefine Radio


It was last Thursday when we reported that DJ Skee quit radio  because he flat-out said, “Radio Sucks!” He believed that radio had lost its magic and he was tired of the corporate takeover.  Known to his family as  Scott Keeney, the 14 year radio veteran vowed that he would return with something new and dynamic but he didn’t give any details as to what his next endeavor would encompass.

Well, if you don’t know, now you know that DJ Skee is attempting to revolutionize radio with the launch of DASH.Led by Skee, DASH was created by some of the most influential people in music, entertainment, technology and media.  Joining the renowned radio and TV personality in his mission are a few industry titans like L.A. Reid (CEO Epic Records), Matt Michelsen (CEO & Founder of Backplane), Michael Lazerow (Salesforce), Adrian Peterson (RB Minnesota Vikings), Peter Ferraro (East Village Radio), Thuy-An Julien (15 year Apple/iTunes veteran) and more.  

This unparalleled team has combined its expertise to present a game-changing moment in how radio is broadcast and consumed across the world.Just as Skee pointed out in his video testimony when he decided to leave radio, In the US, 96% of the population over 12 listens to radio, yet statistics show the overwhelming majority are dissatisfied with the medium. FM Radio Stations feature endless commercials and repetitive playlists, digital platforms limit discovery with algorithmic playlists that aren’t true radio, and satellite radio is too expensive for most consumers.

DJ Skee and his team are adamant that a new future unfolds with DASH. They are advertising it as a revolutionary new digital radio platform that features the world’s top DJ’s, zero commercials, easy navigation, and accessibility from your favorite devices. The best part – it’s all free!“From my start on radio when I was 16 years old to being on the biggest Radio Station in the country, I have always been passionate about the magic and opportunities radio can bring.

However, I also know and have witnessed first-hand where it falls short,” says DJ Skee. “It’s a fact that today’s radio options leave listeners wanting more. With DASH we are creating a new form of digital radio that brings the most in variety, style, talent and simplicity, and made accessible to everyone, everywhere for free.”Launched this Tuesday, DASH features 50 originally programmed live channels curated by some of the most well-known DJ’s, radio personalities, and programmers in the world.

In addition to traditional popular radio formats, DASH will focus on under-served segments largely ignored by FM radio, including EDM, Latin, Teen Pop, Indy Rock, Underground Hip-Hop, Reggae and more, with new Radio Stations being added weekly.Top DJ’s joining DASH include industry legend Peter Ferraro, General Manager and Head of Programming for East Village Radio, Caroline D’Amore, a world-renowned EDM DJ, Julio G, one of the top influential Hip-Hop DJ’s credited with the rise of rap as part of KDAY radio, and many more.

DASH has also brought on Radio Station partners including XXL Magazine, Tech N9ne, VP Records, Record Store Day, and Paradise City (the online Guns N’ Roses community), among numerous others to help program DASH channels.“Radio has always been the biggest avenue for music discovery,” says L.A. Reid. “DASH provides an innovative platform for artists while offering listeners the variety they want, without limitations.”

Available on all iOS and Android devices with a user-friendly design, DASH is also accessible on the web, with plans to expand the platform in future years. With a state-of-the-art backend system efficiently powered through DASH’s fully automated studio facilities in Hollywood, a simple-to-use ecosystem, some of the world’s most experienced and passionate DJ’s, and zero commercials, Skee and his team believe DASH will become the leading radio broadcaster. 


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