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Tyler Perry on Extreme Makeover

 width=Tyler Perry sent us this message.. K “This Sunday night, I’m going to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC!   This is a two-hour special episode! I love this show and I was so excited to be a part of it!   I’ve got to tell you, it felt so good being able to meet and help some really amazing people.   I met the Tripp family…they are a couple who opened up their small home to 25 inner city kids to keep them out of trouble, even though their house was falling apart.   I mean, they have very little and are sharing it with so many.   I was so inspired by them.   I don’t want to tell you too much but the show was really moving; and meeting Tom Lewis, a man who has devoted his life to making sure that children in Southeast DC have an opportunity to learn and stay out of trouble.   You’ve really gotta see it!   It airs this Sunday, and I MEAN”¦THIS IS FEEL GOOD T.V.! It’s what I think T.V. should be used for…I LOVE it!”



  1. Tyler Perry you were great on extreme makeover and funny. that was a good show. you are a wonderful man. you do for others. GOD will continued bless you always. so keep up the good work. I will continued to pray for you and your cast members while you are on the road.

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