Dangerous Gel Nail Lamps: California Researchers Uncover Cancer-Causing Cell Mutations

    nail lamps

    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have issued a warning about the dangers of gel manicures. In a study published this week, they link ultraviolet lamps, commonly used to cure and dry gel nail polish, to skin cancer, cell death and potentially irreversible damage to DNA.

    The ultraviolet lights used at nail salons fall within the same wavelength of radiation found in lamps at tanning salons, which are known to cause skin cancer and premature aging.

    The study found that UV nail lamps emit ultraviolet wavelengths between 340 and 395 nanometers, nearing the top of the radiation spectrum and causing DNA damage and mutations.

    However, the researchers emphasize that further research is needed to get a more accurate assessment of the risk.


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