Chicago Playoffs-Southside and Northside Unite!

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – JULY 20: Starting pitcher Yu Darvish #11 of the Chicago Cubs delivers the ball against the Chicago White Sox during an exhibition game at Guaranteed Rate Field on July 20, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Chicago has been in the news a lot and rarely for something positive. The city and the country are dealing with systemic racism, police distrust, crime and injustice. I like to share positive stories about the city. There are many to share including all of the organizations working to decrease the violence like: Noah’s Arc Foundation, Be The Miracle, My Block My Hood My City, Mama’s Of the Movement, Mothers Against Senseless Killings, Father Pfleger, Strides for Peace and many more. Groups protest the violence very regularly no matter what people outside of the city may think. To make the biggest impact along with protesting, you need the decision-makers to make a decision in favor of the people in need and if those decision-makers can’t do it; vote in someone who will. But I digress, this is about something positive happening in the city.

Southsiders and Northsiders get ready! Both of your teams are in the playoffs. The Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs clinched a playoff berth and they are both fighting to win their division. Finally, both sets of fans have something to brag about and their trash talking will actually be good since they are both good…this year. While each side has a rooting interest, this can also be a time to come together (socially distanced) and celebrate something positive. Of course, you trash talk; but keep it peaceful and shine a positive light on the city while enjoying watching your favorite team.

Playoff baseball during Summertime Chi will be exciting even during these tough times. There are so many opportunities with both teams playing for a championship; the city can rise up and unify which is a big step in working on decreasing violence, rebuilding the community and repairing what ails the city.



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