Comedian Leslie Jones States Kevin Hart Told Her She’ll Never Make it as a Comedian


Radio Facts: radiofacts.comKevin Hart appeared on The Breakfast Club Radio Show last week to support Tiffany Haddish after comedian Katt Williams stated Tiffany was not talented and not a real comedian. All of this stemmed from Katt appearing on an interview on Atlanta’s V103 the previous week where he obliterated the show’s comedian and other half of Frank and Wanda, Wanda Smith. Smith tried to use a commercial break to throw a jab at Katt, telling him he needed to get his hair done at the beauty salon. She was under the impression Katt would not have a chance to respond since Frank had announced a commercial break but Frank pulled the break and Katt desecrated Smith with five minutes of the most hilarious stand up while he was sitting down in the history of radio. Later, Smith stated that Frank Ski betrayed her by not cutting the interview short. People are STILL talking about how funny Katt was.During William’s roast of Wanda Smith, his attack of Tiffany Haddish and a litany of other comedians has been the catalyst for other comedians chiming in all exposing the darker side of each other as a result. Williams attacked Wanda and comedian Tiffany Haddish, Haddish appeared on The Breakfast Club Radio Show and said: “I was wondering what I did to him, did I fk his man?” Hart on the same Breakfast Club show attacked Katt Williams and Mike Epps for bringing negativity to the game. At the same time Kevin took credit for helping several women in the comic industry including Leslie Jones who then responded Kevin hasn’t helped her do shit and told her she would never make it, then it all came full circle when comedian Corey Holecomb attacked Wanda Smith for blocking major talent from shining at V103 and in the Atlanta market because she is “marginal” talent at best. Now Mike Epps has responded to Kevin Hart’s comments (see video/audio below)

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