Tyrese Announces the End of TGT via Instagram and Ginuwine DOES NOT LIKE IT


First the Fat Boys break up, now this? If you don’t know where that line is from, please do your research. Anyhow, we pretty much saw the end of TGT coming as the group seemed to always have tense moments from the start. Well, Tyrese made it very clear that the group was ending via his Instagram page. He did note that he and Tank would still work together but Ginuwine was out of the group. Tyrese and Tank recently had a brief Social Media feud that ended on a lighter note but this particular post and the response from Ginuwine is pretty clear that there is an issue between them. Let’s just say, Ginuwine didn’t pull any punches in his response.Tyrese has now deleted the post but as we all know, you can’t hide from the internet. The Shade Room captured the post. Check it out below.tyrese-instagram-post

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