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Ginuwine Calls Out Tyrese on Twitter

There always seems to be something going on with TGT and usually Ginuwine is the center of attention when it comes to the drama. In a brief rant on Twitter,the "Same Ole' G" explains why he was absent from the Soul Train Awards- sort of.

Tyrese Suffers Injury After Passing Out

I'm not sure what TGT's schedule is but these gentlemen need to get some rest. Not too long ago, Ginuwine was acting quite strange on a TV performance and now Tyrese apparently passed out over the weekend due to extreme exhaustion.Tyrese made an appearance at The Park nightclub in Washington D.C. along Ginuwine and Tank.

TGT Talks About The Evolution of Men, Music, and Groupies

TGT, individually known as, Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank stopped by Sway in the Morning and opened up about Men not being the men of the past, R&B music not being the same, and the evolution of groupies becoming money motivated.https://youtu.be/lZtWXOt51-M

TGT Chats with The Morning Riot on WGCI

TGT (Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese) stopped by WGCI's Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot and talked about a variety of things.

Strange Performance by (TGT): Tyrese, Tank and Genuwine

This is an odd performance by TGT, it appears Tyrese is irritated and Tank is holding back laughter as Genuwine is having a hard time performing.

Tyrese Gibson Presents A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete

One of the most universally acclaimed documentaries to come from an artist in decades; A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete takes us on an incredible journey through the life and work of actor musician Tyrese Gibson.