Mike Epps States Kevin Hart is Overrated on DeDe in the Morning, Hart Responds

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Comedian Mike Epps when asked on the KKDA DeDe in the Morning show, “Who is the most overrated comedian?” responded… “Kevin Hart.” Hart got word of the statement and responded on his Instagram page with “Hey @eppsie don’t wake up this monster pimp. If you want me to be honest, I’m showing you what you should of did when you had your shot at success!!!! Oooooh Killlleeeemmmm…. You do clubs & small theaters… I DO ARENA’S man. You do small movies….I DO MOTION PICTURES & SEQUELS!!! So go pick a fight with somebody in ur league like CHUCKY DUCKY or somebody…no offense CHUCKY DUCKY!!!” DeDeintheMorningwithLogo


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