Parking Lot Attendant Builds Half Million Portfolio on $12.00 an Hour (video)


There is no doubt that WHO you surround yourself with will make or break you. Mr. Earl raised three kids is married and paid for his house off of a meager $12.00 an hour job as a parking lot attendant for 44 years. However, he made very savvy moves with his meager take home pay. The key to his gainful knowledge? The lot was in the middle of a financial district where he talked to investors and stockbrokers daily when they came into and left work. He got his eduction about investing that way and paid if forward. Great video. t=2s& fbclid=IwAR29XTgChxLoGipOvVa1HhjrD7go1g9G6OL08MtUVMQL65Ak0nkEaRB1iro


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