Classic Living Legends Dinner Brought the Industry’s Finest Together


Radio Facts: I cannot tell you how much I completely enjoyed this year’s Living Legends dinner. With so few events for the urban industry to gather, it was great to spend two days (the dinner and the picnic) with so many industry friends past and present. The dinner hosted by DeDe McGuire was great and professionally expedited to bring on this year’s winners, all of whom had great presentations and acceptance speeches.The Living Legends Foundation is an expanding non-profit that helps industry people who may be up against hard times both temporary and long-term and is one of a few that specifically serve the urban industry. KUDOS once again to the team and the great dinner and picnic. Make sure you come next year. Here is the site. Enjoy the images.radiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiofacts.comradiof

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