Buffie the Body does tell all Book (pic)


Buffie the Body is about to put her business all out in the street with her upcoming tell-all book, Vixen Icon. The video model said the book is the story of her life, starting from being a young, skinny girl growing up with seven brothers and sisters.

Å“Put it like this: I didnâ„¢t have a horrible life.   No child molestation, no aband on parents [sic]; our family was close, she said while preparing to shoot the cover of her book. Vixen Icon then follows her life to the present, including her time as a stripper and her transformation into Buffie the Body. However, the model said she has aspirations beyond this book, which might include being a Å“fitness whatever.    Å“I want to do everything.   I want to be that video model that just took it all the way to the top, Buffie said. One thing sheâ„¢s not sure sheâ„¢s interested in, though, is acting. Å“I did say that [I wanted to act]. I was using that same line for a couple of years, but it got old, she said. Å“Every model wants to be an actress. Buffie did say that sheâ„¢s open to becoming an actress if the opportunity presents itself, but sheâ„¢s not actively going after it.   To find out what else Buffieâ„¢s tell-all will dish, pick up Vixen Icon when itâ„¢s released in June 2009. [source]


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