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ASPiRE to Broadcast Live The 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington

GTY_MLK_march_on_washington_1963_lpl_130801_16x9_608 today announced it will carry the live broadcast of tomorrow’s national “The Let Freedom Ring Commemoration and Call to Action ” (#MLKDream50) in Washington, , marking the 50th anniversary of the and civil rights leader martin luther king, Jr.’s epic “I Have a Dream” speech. ASPiRE’s live broadcast will start at 1:0 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 28. Prior to the ceremony, the network will air two acclaimed Groundbreaking : Dr. Jr.: A Historical Perspective (11 a.m.-Noon EDT) and King: Man of Peace, Time of War (Noon-1:0 p.m. EDT).

“The 1963 March on Washington with Dr. King marked a pivotal point in our history. People of all walks of life banned together in the struggle for human rights, and particularly the civil and economic rights of African Americans,” said Earvin “Magic” Johnson, ASPiRE’s chairman and chief . “The image of hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered on the National Mall to support equal rights is truly unforgettable and deeply woven into the fabric of who we are – both as a nation and as a network dedicated to showcasing the African American experience. Because so many people are not there to participate and witness this incredible event first hand, I am extremely proud to announce that our network, ASPiRE will share this important moment and commemoration with our viewers. I hope everyone tunes in because this is a MUST SEE!”

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