Arbitron Outlines Two Key Sample Quality Improvement Initiatives for Diary and PPM Markets


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Arbitron Outlines Two Key Sample Quality Improvement Initiatives  for Diary and PPM Markets

Increasing Diary cell-phone-only household sample target to  average of 15 percent;

Increasing PPM cell-phone-only household sample target to  average of 20 percent

Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) today announced two sample quality improvement initiatives as part of its ongoing continuous improvement program.   These initiatives are designed to reinforce customer confidence in the ratings currency produced by the Arbitron Diary and Portable People Meterâ„¢ (PPMâ„¢) services.   Arbitron plans to expand further cell-phone-only household sampling in its Diary and PPM ratings services to address that growing demographic.

“Arbitron continues to make advances to further our commitment to continually improve sample quality,” said Michael Skarzynski, Chief Executive Officer and President, Arbitron.   “We also continue to lay the groundwork to help ensure that the radio industry has the state-of-the-art solutions and services that it will need to compete for the long-term.”

Announced following the Summer 2009 meeting of the Arbitron Radio Advisory Council (RAC), these sample quality improvement initiatives include plans to:

  • Increase its sample target for cell-phone-only households in Diary markets to an average of 15 percent by year-end 2010
  • Increase its sample target for cell-phone-only households in PPM markets to an average of 20 percent by year-end 2010

Arbitron also announced that it achieved its target of delivering a sample containing at least 10 percent cell-phone-only households across 151 local markets ““ yielding a 25 percent increase in Designated Delivery Index (DDI) for Persons aged 18-34 ““ in the Arbitron Spring 2009 Diary survey.   Arbitron noted that the Spring 2009 survey also delivered a DDI of 80 or higher among Persons aged 18-54 in 100 percent of 4-book markets with CPO sampling; and in nearly 90 percent of other Diary markets with cell-phone-only sampling.   The Company previously announced plans to include cell-phone-only household sampling in all 288 Diary markets in the continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska by the Fall 2009 survey.

Arbitron calculates DDI by dividing the actual sample size for a given demographic group by its target sample size for that demographic group.   A DDI of 100 means the actual sample size equals the sample target for a given survey period.

“We are impressed by the gains Arbitron has achieved in its Spring 2009 Diary survey results and believe that these new initiatives can continue to help achieve even more dramatic results for sample quality and enhanced accountability,” said Lisa Decker, Radio Advisory Council Chairperson and Senior Vice President and Seattle Market Manager for CBS Radio.   “The Radio Advisory Council has participated in a highly productive meeting and is pleased that Arbitron has taken these steps to raise the bar on sample quality and enhance confidence in the currency.”

The RAC consists of 24 radio industry leaders who act as the voice of subscribing radio stations, advising Arbitron on issues important to radio and helping improve Arbitron’s services and policies. The RAC comprises both elected and appointed positions from various radio format and market size categories from a spectrum of expertise including research and programming. In addition, each of Arbitron’s five largest radio station group customers has one appointed seat on the RAC.