The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses American Airlines’ Historic Tribute to Bessie Coleman (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed American Airlines’ historical tribute to Bessie Coleman. American Airlines celebrated Black excellence earlier this month by putting together a special flight crew for a historic flight from Dallas, Fort Worth, to Phoenix, Arizona. Everyone involved in the flight, including the pilots, the flight attendants, the gate attendants, and the technicians, were all Black women, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The airlines organized the flight in tribute to Bessie Coleman, the first Black woman to receive a pilot’s license. She received her license in 1921, informed Strawberry. American Airlines issued a press release stating they are trying to boost efforts to include more women of color in its flight decks, she added.

    The morning show host said a salute to American Airlines and the Black female workers. That is an example of Black Girl Magic. Steve Harvey said he would have loved to have been on that flight. He said he is always intrigued when he has a Black pilot. He added that shaking hands and having a conversation is a priority for Steve when he has a Black pilot.

    “I make my children go up and meet them, you know, shake they hands because it is just something to see,” said Harvey.

    Harvey said it has been rare to see a Black pilot in all the years he has been flying. Shirley Strawberry said she had had one Black pilot and one female pilot in all her trips.


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