Abductions Plague Chicago After Woman is Nearly Snatched in West Loop Area: The Second Kidnapping in the Area in a Month (VIDEO)


    Abductions plague Chicago after a woman was nearly snatched, during the day, in the West Loop area, said Chicago police. That was the second kidnapping in the area in a month.

    On South Sangamon near West Adams at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, the latest attack took place. The end of the attack was captured on video by a neighbor.

    A van stopped near a 45-year-old woman out taking a walk, police said. The suspect hopped out of the vehicle and grabbed the woman. The woman was able to get away despite the man trying to pull her into the vehicle.

    On Aug. 24 at about 7:20 a.m., another attempted kidnapping happened on South Sangamon near West Adams. During that attack, the suspect stopped, approached the victim, and tried to lure her into his vehicle. After realizing what was happening, the witness hurried across the street to help.

    The suspect then got into the vehicle’s front passenger door. The witness sprayed the inside of the vehicle with bear spray and said at least two other people were inside the vehicle at the time.

    “As a woman, it’s scary,” said Deb Gorton, a clinical psychologist who lives in the area. “Whether or not it’s carried out really doesn’t matter.” 

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