Black Reporters were not ready for White Police Chief’s Response for Being on his Phone during Community Meeting (video)


The Black reporters were not ready for police chief Edward Flynn's response when asked why he was being disprespectful by being on his phone during a meeting. In this historic video clip from a few years ago, the meeting centered around the unjust shooting of a schizophrenic Dontre Hamilton by a white Milwaukee police officer who was later fired but not charged. (see the bottom video of the story of Dontre below). This situation led to Milwaukee police having to wear body cams.

After a meeting with community leaders and black residents to try to resolve the lack of communication with the police department, the police chief took questions. He stated there was a lot of confusion, yelling, and agenda bating while he tried to answer the community's questions and indicated that he was overwhelmed.

During the meeting, he was using his phone to text message and people in the meeting thought that was disrespectful. After the meeting, he was approached by a group of black reporters who questioned his sincerity since he was on the phone texting during the meeting. His response was probably not expected (below)


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