A California Woman Accused of Running Over a Man Following A Cat Dispute

    Image by OrangeCountyda

    Hannah Star Esser, a California woman, 20, was charged with murder and is currently held on bail for $1 million. The prosecutors say that Esser confronted the victim, Luis Anthony Victor, who was 42 years because she believed that he was trying to hit a cat with his car. The prosecutor described this as a random act of violence to a stranger.

     Esser got out of her car upon realizing what she claimed had happened and confronted Victor. Esser had an altercation with Victor and recorded a profanity-laced tirade against him. According to the statement given, Esser said that the man was trying to run over a cat, leading to the altercation between her and Victor. Esser continued arguing with Victor even when she got into her car. Then Esser briefly drove off before making a hard U-turn and pointing her car towards Luis.

    According to allegations, Esser then accelerated towards Victor launching him directly onto the hood of his car and windshield. That showed that she intentionally drove toward Victor to hurt him. The force of the acceleration flipped Victor several times and landed on the streets.

    Victor was proclaimed dead at the scene, according to the statements. Todd Spitzer, the District Attorney at Orange County, described this as a random act of violence targeting a stranger. The cat’s condition and whether or not Victor’s car struck the cat is still unknown. In a recent release, Spitzer stated that they would ensure this case would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Esser will be charged with one felony count of murder and, if found guilty, will be facing 25 years to life depending on the judgment passed. According to Spitzer, this action showed complete disregard for human life. All eyes will be on this case.


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