Yusuf Hawkins Movie Exposes Radio Executive’s Participation in Murder 30 Years Later


Imagine being an employee of Emmis radio’s Hot 97 in New York and realizing an executive at the Radio Station played a part in the murder of 16-year-old Yusuf Hawkins.

Pasquale Raucci aka “Paddy Duke”

The movie “Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn” a Muta’Ali Muhammad-directed documentary that recounts the murder of the teenager who went to Bensonhurst in 1989 to check out a 1982 Pontiac he was thinking about buying.

When he got there, he was surrounded by white men, some with baseball bats who were said to be looking for a black man who was dating a white girl that they knew. Hawkins and his friends were surrounded by the mob and a shot rang out killing Hawkins causing everyone to retreat.

Turns out an employee of Emmis in NY Pasquale Raucci, aka “Paddy Duke” was involved in the incident and was one of the white men in the group that killed Hawkins. He worked at the Radio Station since 1994, work that included working on the Angie Martinez show. Hot 97 immediately fired him on Sunday which ironically is the 31st anniversary to the date that Hawkins was murdered.



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