Radio Facts: BAD TIMING? Winning PD Dave Dickinson's Contract NOT Renewed at DC's WHURDave Dickinson’s current contract comes to a close at the end of July and has not been renewed. Dickinson has left the station and no replacement has been named. Sources state GM Jim Watkins made the decision not to renew the contract. Dickinson has maintained the station’s top status (25 to 54) in the market for years. This change comes at the same time   WMMJ is making drastic staff changes in DC as well with new programmer Jamillah Muhammed. Some question WHUR’s seemingly strange timing or was this something that had been in the planning for months? WMMJ currently has 3 openings and will be naming the cand idates who will fill those positi0ns soon. Sources state MMJ wants to do more street marketing and that the outlet is looking for marketable on air staff.

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