I MEAN REALLY? 80-Year-Old DJ laid off by Clear Channel

This is a disgrace… Clear Channel could have let this man stay on the air (tsk tsk) what other job is he going to find at this age?Keith Ashton dedicated more than half of his life to broadcasting, and in the blink of an eye it was taken away from him.

He tirelessly served his listeners, rising every morning long before the sun, to entertain northern Colorado with his witty commentary and classic music, but that all ended abruptly on Jan. 19 when Clear Channel Communications, Inc. laid off Ashton.

The pain is still evident on Ashton's face. His voice crackles and he fights back tears while talking about his expansive career in broadcasting and how unexpectedly it ended.

"It was just like a tsunami coming at you and you can't do anything," Ashton said. "It's a shock."

For the past four years the 79-year-old disc Radio DJey, whose show "Morning Memories" was enjoyed by thousand s of northern Colorado residents, went to work diligently in his studio at Clear Channel, 4270 Byrd Drive, in Loveland .

On Jan. 19 Ashton came out of his booth to find his belongings in a box and a severance package, which he can't legally discuss, waiting for him

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