Trey Songz Urges People to Vote (vid)


The clock is ticking and the deadline to register to vote is soon approaching but is taking matters into their own hands to get as many people possible registered for the 2012 presidential election with the help of celebrity PSA‘s, interviews, social media and a new app to get the word out. Our, a non-partisan, non-profit organization recognizes that the newest generation of voters live online and has thus created an app making it insanely easy for new voters to sign up and exercise their right to vote this November.The team of celebrities includes Lady Gaga, Will Smith, Chelsea Clinton, Will.I.Am, Larry David, Jessica Alba and many more to raise awareness and get people registered to vote.Check out this NEW and never before seen video of TREY SONGZ talking with about why it’s important for today’s youth to vote. Let me know if you can do a story and post online.

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