Vanessa Bryant Was Not Too Happy After the LA County Sheriff called out LeBron James

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe Bryant saw comments made by LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva towards LeBron James and she is not having it.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is pressuring LeBron James to donate $175,000 to hep find the person responsible for wounding two police officers. Here is what he had to say: “I want to make a challenge,” Villanueva said. “This challenge is to LeBron James. I want you to match that and double that reward. Because I know you care about law enforcement, you expressed a very, very interesting statement about your perspective on race relations and officer-involved shootings and the impact it has on the African American community. And I appreciate that. “But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across professions, across race. And I’d like to see LeBron James step up to the plate and double that.”

Villanueva singled out James as he recently spoke out against the police shooting of Jacob Blake. James tweeted: And y’all wonder why we say what we say about the Police!! Someone please tell me WTF is this???!!! Exactly another black man being targeted. This s–t is so wrong and so sad!! Feel so sorry for him, his family and OUR PEOPLE!! We want JUSTICE”

Vanessa Bryant posted information about allegations of corruption related to the helicopter crash including some of the deputies taking photos and sharing them in private groups. Bryant was basically saying before you call out someone else make sure your house is in order and clearly some deputies are out of order. She ended her posts by calling for prayers for the wounded deputies.

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