Radio Facts: Two Days Until the Avengers Save the Planet!CHECK OUT WHAT A FEW S.H.I.E.L.D. FANS ARE ALREADY SAYING

“This could have easily gone wrong, but Joss Whedon and the cast really pulled it off. Best superhero movie thus far!”
-Just Blaze, music producer

“OMG! It has the best 40 minute sequence in a film ever.”
– David Wilson, NBC/The Grio

“Funniest and smartest action film…Excellent!!”
-Darian Billington – Producer, HLN/CNN

“Avengers is so DOPE! I think my crush on Optimus Prime has been replaced by Tony Stark. I tell you there's nothing like a smart man.”
– Jas Fly,

“I loved it! I thought it was very true to the spirit of Marvel. I thought it was great seeing all of the characters being equally distributed on the screen throughout the movie.”
– Chuck Creekmur,

“Great movie that managed to be action-packed and hilarious…at the same damn time!”
– Nigel Degraff,

“It was amazing. It's the first time a comic book movie didn't fall short of action and dialogue.”
– Starrene Rhett Rocque,

“Avengers was hands down the best superhero movie ever! Point blank, period. Finally, Marvel got it right!”
– James “Latin” Clark,

“The Avengers' is the greatest superhero movie ever. This is no hyperbole.”
– Sherman Murdock, Producer, WGCI

“I thought no superhero movie would be better than ‘Batman,' but ‘The Avengers' is better.”
– Kazeem Famuyide,

“I want to see it again. The best superhero movie ever.”
– Alvin Blanco,

“A cinematic masterpiece. The All-Star comic book ensemble pulls off the most extravagant and entertaining superhero smash-up to date. ‘The Avengers' truly lives up to -and exceeds- the hype!”
– Thomas Harden, Life + Times

“The best pure superhero movie since the first ‘Superman.' At the heart of it all, comic book movies should be fun and ‘The Avengers' turned that up to 11!”
– Keith Murphy, VIBE

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