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Tom Joyner ‘s Black America Web site reports that Tom Joyner ‘s brother Albert Joyner has died. Albert was one of the nation’s most successful owners of McDonald’s franchises and a philanthropist. He passed away in Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday June 3, 2015. He was 69. The Black America Web site states:
Joyner was a fervent family man and is survived by his wife, Danita, and four children – Michael, Allison, Danielle and Albert Jr.  He is also survived by his brother, Tom, and nephews Thomas Joyner, Jr. and Oscar Joyner. Albert shared his brother, syndicated radio personality Tom Joyner ’s, passion for education and served as an active board member of the Tom Joyner Foundation.
Al-JoynerKnown for his dry wit and keen business acumen, he bought his first McDonald’s franchise in Mobile, Alabama.  With the success of this first restaurant, he formed My Joy, Inc. and went on to own numerous franchises in Birmingham and Jackson, Mississippi.  Mack Wilbourn, one of the first minority McDonald’s franchises in the Southeast, as well as Joyner’s mentor and friend, has said that one of his greatest accomplishments was mentoring Albert Joyner.
Always with an eye to make something happen – Albert collaborated with his brother to break the regional record for the most cars served in a McDonald’s drive-through in an hour at one of his Jackson Mississippi locations.  At the end of the hour, 419 cars had been served, breaking the previous record of 288 at a Baton Rouge McDonald’s. Born in Tuskegee, Alabama, Albert Joyner attended Tuskegee Institute High School and graduated from the famed Tuskegee University (née Institute), majoring in physical education.
I got to meet Albert on the most recent Fantastic Voyage cruise while waiting for an elevator I asked him.. ‘Aren’t you Tom Joyner ‘s brother, you look just like him” He responded “Yes, unfortunately, I do look like him.” we laughed.
In lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations in honor of Albert Joyner be made to the Tom Joyner Foundation.

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