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Tavis Smiley's Provoked Public Battle with Al Sharpton Turns even MORE Blacks against him, Tom Joyner remarks

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 width=I stated when I posted the story that I could tell Tom was uncomfortable with Tavis’ call that morning on the show. Tavis has a deep rooted dislike for President Obama and instead of leaving that sh… alone, he put a band aid on a bullet wound and MADE IT WORSE by slyly accusing the legendary Al Sharpton of selling out. Tavis then had the nerve to call Sharpton live on Sharpton’s Radio One show and Sharpton eulogized and buried Tavis live on the air and the blogs went ballistic in support of Sharpton. Tavis is TRULY in his element on his PBS show. Perhaps he has bigger goals but his bizarre rants and recent actions against the president may even affect his success on that show. I respect Tom’s delicate hand ling of the situation but I would have just put Tavis on blast. Joyner makes an incredibly accurate statement when he says Tavis will NEVER win a public battle with President Obama. Read on…

Tom Joyner’s statement…

I’m writing this letter to you because I have something personal I need to say. Yes, I’m posting it as a blog, and anyone who wants to read it has access to it, but that’s okay. Because I know – and you know – I’m talking to you.

Mainstream media has been hounding me for a quote regarding the Tavis/Rev. Al situation, and I haven’t agreed to respond publicly because I don’t discuss family business outside of the family.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here it is in a nutshell. Two weeks ago, Tavis came on the TJMS in his old time slot to announce he was having a televised discussion with black leaders who he felt were not holding President Barack Obama accountable enough. He specifically called out Rev. Al Sharpton, Dorothy Height and Professor Charles Ogletree, claiming that when they had the chance to address the president about failing to have a black agenda, they let him off the hook. He told our audience that Rev. Al and Charles Ogletree had agreed to appear oat his event. Both Rev. Al and Professor Ogletree called the show almost immediately and said neither had agreed to be part of the panel Tavis spoke of.

Later that day, on Rev. Al’s radio show, Tavis called in, and Rev. Al let him know how offended he was to be put on blast about something that wasn’t true. He said he’s never given the president a pass and holds him as accountable as he would any other president. You can hear all of it on BlackAmericaWeb.com.

Now, this morning, Tavis will return to our show to update black America and whoever else is listening, and Rev. Al is scheduled to call in afterward. What either will say is unknown to me. But here’s what I hope.
I hope that somehow, someway, Tavis will realize that if he is ever to gain the love and respect he once received from black America, he will have to find it in his heart to show love and respect for the president. It’s just that simple. And there’s a big difference in saying you have love and showing it.
Love is unconditional – or it should be anyway. That’s why I can be upset and disappointed with Tavis and some of the decisions he’s made over the last few years, but still love and respect him enough not to turn my back on him.

When I hear and read about the hate people have for Tavis right now, it makes me sad. Because I know that if Tavis knew how to get out of this situation, he would. But it’s not in him to do what needs to be done, to recognize he has gone down a wrong path, and his only real option is to turn around. (read more here)

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Renae April 4, 2010 at 7:51 am

As a 50 year old BLACK American female–(NOT African American), I highly resent those who constantly try to alienate those of us who dare to think for ourselves. I am so sick and tired of people who feel that because of the color of our skin, we must all feel alike, think alike and have the same politics. Personal experience is what dictates how anyone feels about things and the effect those experiences had on them. WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE GET IT??!!!!

While I don’t agree with Tavis’s concern about Obama’s lack of a “Black agenda”, I disagree as much with the lack of tolerance for a difference of opinion. There is so much intolerance in the black community for a diversity of ideas, it’s truly sickening and disappointing.
We will never move forward as a people or as a nation with these attitudes. It’s disappointing and embarassing.

As for a “BLack Agenda”, people, STOP expecting the government to do everything for you. Get yourselves educated and do for yourselves. STOP treating dating and sex as a sport so we stop this endless cylce of STD’s and AID and all of these babies being born outside of marriage and in many cases multiple children with one mother but several different fathers! Get at minimum a high school education. Don’t you all see that these issues are the crux of the problems that many of you are experiencing and that even if you are not guilty of these things yourselves, that they are so dominant that the effects of them trickle down and affect the rest of us?

No. There is no need for a “Black Agenda”. What there is a need for is for us to get back to being a moral people.


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