The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Boyfriend Chose His Band Over Their Relationship: “I Think You’re Now on the List of Things That He’s Getting Rid Of” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose boyfriend chose his band over their relationship. The woman said she had been dating her musician boyfriend for two years after they met at an engagement party. The boyfriend is a Black hippie that sings R&B cover songs, said Shirley Strawberry. The man teaches high school and performs on the weekend.

    The woman said that at the beginning of their relationship, she tagged along with her beau to his performances. However, things changed when the boyfriend decided to get a van so his bandmates could ride along to his gigs, explained Strawberry. The van had many mechanical issues and one day broke down on the highway. The woman said she went to get him from the side of the road but wanted to leave the three female bandmates behind. The boyfriend refused and said that his band was a package deal. She wants her 49-year-old hubby to give up his band and his van.

    Strawberry said, “he stayed with his band and not you. That showed where his priorities are.” The man was not wrong for giving his female bandmates a ride home, informed Strawberry. The girlfriend had the means to take the bandmates home, and so it made sense that she did, Strawberry added. After two years of dating, it is acceptable for the woman to speak up and tell the boyfriend how she feels, said the morning show host. However, the man could be getting ready to end the relationship based on how the woman treated his band members.

    “I think you’re now on the list of things that he’s getting rid of, though,” said Strawberry. “Because you didn’t want the girls to ride with you when the [van] broke down that was ugly, he didn’t like it,” said Strawberry.  

    Steve Harvey said the man is a Black hippie and does not want to live a “regular” life. “He’s different from anybody that has wrote in this show before in twenty years,” added the morning show host. “The Black hippie, that’s a first,” informed Harvey.


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