The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Whose Husband Refuses to Compliment Her: “Why Did You Marry Him?” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman whose husband does not compliment her. The woman, 58, said she met her husband online, and they had their first date at church, said Shirley Strawberry. The couple hit it off and was married seven months later. The woman said she reflected on their first date and realized the man did not compliment her that evening. In fact, he never gives her a compliment, she informed.

    The husband does like to shower other women with compliments, especially the wife’s friends, explained Strawberry. Before the wedding, the husband commented that the wife’s two best friends were “beautiful,” and he could not believe the “cutest one is still single.” When the wife asked the husband to comment on her looks, he replied that it was improper to seek out a “compliment.”

    Strawberry said it was “mean” and “dumb” for the man not to compliment his wife. “It will cost him nothing to say it, but he just refuses to do it. The husband “notices other women,” so he knows how to be polite, said Strawberry.

    “I wonder what he does behind your back when he’s around other women because he’s disrespectful in your face, and it makes you feel some kind of way,” said Strawberry.

    How the woman feels about herself is most important, said Strawberry. The morning show host advised the wife to get dressed, go out with her friends, and enjoy herself. Strawberry said that the woman’s validation does not need to come from her husband. “Get your confidence up on your own,” she advised.

    Steve Harvey wondered why the woman initially married the man. He said perhaps the reason the man had not complimented the woman on her beauty was because that was not what he “saw” in her. The man is an expert on “beautiful souls,” which attracted him to the wife, Harvey added.

    Harvey agreed with the letter writer that the husband thinks she is “unattractive,” and that is the reason he does not comment on her beauty.  


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