Rickey Smiley Says He Would Never Charge Fans for a Meet-And-Greet: “I Don’t Want it to Be Held Over My Head” (VIDEO)


    Rickey smiley said he would never charge fans for a meet-and-greet. Bow Wow is addressing the backlash he faced after charging fans $1000 for a meet-and-greet, said Gary With Da Tea. The morning show host said he did not understand the problem because other artists were doing the same thing and charging fans a price to meet them.

    Smiley said he would not charge people $1000 for a meet-and-greet because he does not charge for such an event. Smiley says charging fans to meet him could spell trouble in the end, and people could hold it over his head that they had paid to see him. That could result in him doing things he does not want to, such as taking more pictures with a fan.

    “I really don’t charge anything. If I do a meet and greet, I want to meet and greet and go on because I don’t want it to be held over my head that you paid $1000,” said Smiley.

    Critics wrote in to express their feelings about the charge, saying, “I’d take $29 in food stamps over a dinner with Bow Wow.”

    Da Brat said Gary was being negative and only reading comments that were unfavorable to the rapper. She said there were plenty of positive comments as well.

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